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  1.              Bounce House
    Bounce House
    $90 Daily Rental Includes set-up & blower Additional Bounce Houses Available
  2.  Popcorn Machine
    Popcorn Machine
    $75 Daily Rental Includes supplies for up to 25 people Additional Popcorn Kit $10.00ea
  3.     Cotton Candy Machine
    Cotton Candy Machine
    $75 Daily Rental Includes supplies for up to 25 people Additional Cotton Candy Kit $15.00ea
  4.        Snowcone Machine
    Snowcone Machine
    $75 Daily Rental Includes supplies for up to 25 people Additional Snow cone Kit $12.00ea
  5.        Table & Chairs
    Table & Chairs
    Tables-$10 ea/Daily Chairs-$2.00ea/Daily
Bounce House Safety/Rental Policy

Proper Set-­Up
Place the bouncer on a flat surface.
Remove all sharp objects, rocks from the ground before set-­up.
Stay clear of power lines or tree branches, and keep the bouncer clear of hazards that may be up high.
Leave plenty of open space around each side of the bouncer.
Secure bouncer firmly to the ground with appropriate ties and stakes.
Proper Use of Bouncer
Remove shoes, jewelry, eye glasses and all sharp objects from your pockets before entering the bouncer.
NO flips allowed in bouncer.
No fighting, rough play, tumbling or wrestling.
Stay away from the entrance or exit and the sides or walls of the bouncer while you are inside.
Keep all pets out and away from bouncer.
NO food or drinks allowed in bouncer.
If the bouncer begins to lose air, stop play and carefully exit the bouncer.
Injury Prevention Tips
Limit the bouncer use to 1-5 children in bouncer at a time.
A bouncer should only be used when an adult is present.
One child at a time inside the bouncer is the safest practice.
If more than one child will be on the bouncer at the same time, make sure that children are about the same age and size (weight).
NO adults allowed in bouncer.
Wind Warning!
According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, wind is a major factor in house injuries. High winds can lift a bouncer off the ground and into the air. Make sure inflatables are securely grounded. NEVER let children play in or around bouncer houses on windy days.

Reservation Length: Rentals must be paid in FULL to secure date and time. All renters are requied to sign a wavier and rental conttract. All rentals are up to 8 hour per rental term, all rentals over 8 hours will be an additional day of rental. Earliest deliveries start from 8am on the day of the event and can range to the customers desired delivery time. Pickups can range up to 3 hours after the desired pickup time. It is required to have at least a 3-hour window for delivery and pickup so drivers can make deliveries on time, otherwise, delivery and pickup times are NOT GUARANTEED. Latest pickup time is at 8pm. If the event goes late into the night it is recommended to choose an addtional day option, which will then picked up the following morning between 8am - 12pm.

Delivery: Delivery cost is NOT included in the cost of rentals. FREE delivery within a 5 mile radius. Delivery which exceeds 5 miles will be quoted at the time of reservation. Delivery times should be arranged 1-3 hours before the start of your event. The person whom the reservation is under MUST be present at the time of delivery to sign for the rental. Customer is required to check the rented unit and all tie downs before the driver leaves, there is no guarantee that the driver can return before the pickup time.

Pickup: Pickup’s will begin from your requested time, and not before. If you are finished using the bouncers before the pickup time, you may simply unplug the unit until the driver arrives for pickup. If the driver is running late or should anything happen you will be to notified immediately. 

Concession: All machines must be cleaned as they were given to you.

Tables, Chairs: Delivery of these items is only "curbside delivery". The items will be dropped off at the renter's address, but not set up. Setup of these items is entirely the renter's responsibility. We ask that the items be prepared for pick-up just as they were dropped off; that is to say that all tables and chairs should be folded and stacked as they were dropped off.

Responsibility: All rental item(s) must be returned in the same condition as it was given to you. If any rented items are lost, stolen, or damaged you WILL be responsible for the full replacement of such item(s).